Come Home in 3 Easy Steps

Introducing VM Home in 3 Steps

How much longer do you want to continue paying your landlord’s mortgage?

Never thought of it that way, right? The truth is that’s probably what you’re doing right now, month after month, while the roof leaks, your privacy is limited and you must park your car on the side of the street because your parking space got swiped by one of the landlord’s visiting relatives. Want to continue living like that, or do you want your own space? I’m gonna assume that you’re a little bit more than excited at the thought of your own home, decorated exactly the way you want, with pets allowed because you said so. But perhaps you’re not quite sure of where to begin. Well, we can help.

Here’s the thing – we understand that the mortgage process can be a bit confusing for lots of people, just like you. We also know that there’s a decent amount of information out there about mortgage this and mortgage that, but how much of it do you really understand? I bet you wish it was easier to digest, huh? I know – we’ve used the word digest, but don’t be intimidated, because what we’ve gone ahead and done is to simplify the Mortgage process.

We’ve Simplified the process. Seriously.

No, really, we have. Still not convinced? Well our ‘Steps to Home’ will get you to your goal of owning your own space, I mean home, in 3, yes 3 (not a typo) easy steps. Here’s all you need to do:

Save for the deposit and closing costs with an iSave for Home Account;

Search for the perfect house at; and

Secure a mortgage by walking into any VMBS Branch or applying online through our 24/7 mortgage portal at, or by visiting the new VMBS Mortgage Centre at the Liguanea Post Mall. We also have two new mortgage solutions to help you reach your goal – VM iSave Mortgage and VM First Home Mortgage.

Didn’t think it could be that easy, huh?

Soooo…what next?

Well hop on over to our website by clicking and start exploring the possibilities for Home Ownership and Financial Independence. The information is easy to understand and if you are ready to apply for a mortgage through VMBS, then just click The site is simple to navigate, information is easy to find and there’s a knowledge centre that teaches you all about getting a mortgage, in a simple, easy to digest way.

What are you waiting on? Get started on the journey to homeownership today. Our team of experts are ready and waiting.

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